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Sharing our IMPPaCT from April 2021

One of the goals of setting up our blog was having a place to share our work more widely. The “Sharing our IMPPaCT” series of blog posts is where we will do just that – synthesize our work from the preceding month. We hope that sharing our work will help get the evidence we produce into the hands of more people and provide a chance to reflect on our IMPPaCT each month. We hope you enjoy following along!

Our IMPPaCT Report for April, 2021:

Peer-reviewed manuscripts published:

1) A group of former PT students at Queen’s published an exciting knowledge translation article on the experiences and perspectives of physiotherapists on implementing a chronic pain self-management program (COMMENCE) in primary care. We hope the results will help others successfully implement the program to maximize the IMPPaCT of the program!

Reference: Emily Brewer, Nicole Carnevale, Melissa Ducsharm, Nicole Ellis, Mohammed Khan, Kyle Vader, Jordan Miller. Physiotherapists’ Experiences with and Perspectives on Implementing an Evidence-Based, Chronic Pain Self-Management Programme in Primary Health Care: A Qualitative Study. Physiotherapy Canada 2020; 73(2):159-167.

2) A group of PT students at University of Toronto published a qualitative paper highlighting the role of physiotherapists play in providing active pain management and a functional lens in interprofessional chronic pain clinics. A Great show of leadership by IMPPaCT member Kyle Vader in supporting this team!

Reference: Linnea Thacker, Robert M. Walsh, Gabriella Shinyoung Song, Hammad A. Khan, Prem Parmar, Kaitlin T. Vance, Gillian Grant, Giulia Mesaroli, Judith Hunter & Kyle Vader. Exploring physiotherapy practice within hospital-based interprofessional chronic pain clinics in Ontario, Canadian Journal of Pain 2021; 5:1, 96-106.

3) Make it a hat-trick for Kyle this month! He lead a team of physiotherapy pain researchers, clinicians, and educators in a Guest Editorial for Physiotherapy Canada on The Revised IASP Definition of Pain and Accompanying Notes for physiotherapists to consider.

Reference: Kyle Vader, Geoff P. Bostick, Lisa C. Carlesso, Judith Hunter, Giulia Mesaroli, Kadija Perreault, Yannick Tousignant-Laflamme, Susan Tupper, David M. Walton, Timothy H. Wideman, and Jordan Miller. The revised International Association for the Study of Pain definition of pain and accompanying notes: reflections for the field of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy Canada 2021; 73(2): 103-106.

Peer-reviewed manuscripts accepted for publication:

1) Mulugeta Chala made his second contribution of a validated outcome measure for use in Ethiopia with an Amharic version of the Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire. The publication was accepted and will be coming out soon.

Reference: Mulugeta Chala, Catherine Donnelly C, Yemataw Wondie, Setareh Ghahari, Jordan Miller. Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Amharic version of Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire in people with low back pain in Ethiopia. Disability and Rehabilitation 2021 [accepted].

2) A group of PT students from Queen’s university had their excellent qualitative paper on an emerging role placement in the Emergency Department setting.

Reference: Withers J, Nguyen T, Kashetsky N, Zavitz C, Graham E, Baglole J, Miller J. Understanding the experiences of physiotherapy students, patients, and healthcare providers with a new role emerging physiotherapy student placement in the emergency department: A qualitative study. Physiotherapy Canada 2021 [Accepted].

Conference presentations completed:

Kyle Vader was busy at the Canadian Pain Society. He was busy on social media sharing updates throughout the conference and squeezed in a couple of presentations himself! He also presented work at the Ontario Physiotherapy Association conference earlier this month.

1) Kyle Vader, Bayley Quinn, Thomas Abrams, Etienne Bisson, Darrien Cantelo, Tom Doulas Schuler Earl, Amy Latimer-Cheung, Jordan Miller, Jennifer Tomasone. Experiences participating in a community-based exercise program tailored for adults living with chronic pain: an interpretive phenomenological analysis. Canadian Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting, April, 2021

2) Kyle Vader, Dawn Richards, Perri Tutelman, Catherine Pare, Alice Wagenaar-Tison, Kathryn Birnie, Christine Chambers, Kathleen Eubanks, Nader Ghasemlou, Janet Gunderson, Maria Hudspith, Therese Lane, Delane Linkiewich, Jordan Miller. What is the state of patients engagement among trainees conducting pain research in Canada? Results of a national web-based survey. Canadian Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting, April, 2021.

3) Kyle Vader. Interprofessional Primary Care in Ontario during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons learned and future directions. Ontario Physiotherapy Association InterACTION. April, 2021.

Scholarships, fellowships, grants, and awards:

1) Kyle Vader. Canadian Pain Society Trainee Research Grant ($2000).

2) Jordan Miller. School of Rehabilitation Therapy Blue Star Award for Educational Excellence.

Milestones achieved:

1) Abey Abebe finished his data collection for his PhD thesis research on communication between patients and providers about the experience of pain.

2) Greg Cutforth finished his qualitative data collection and the first round of a Delphi Survey on the use of patient function as an indicator for primary care performance.

3) Emily Hladkowicz completed her title and abstract screening for her scoping review on how transitions in care for older adults are being evaluated in the literature

4) Katie Poser now PhD (c) - successfully defended her PhD thesis research proposal on May 1st.

5) Sintayehu Wami completed his coursework for his PhD in Rehabilitation Science. He is now progressing to his comprehensive examination and thesis proposal writing.

What a productive month in a challenging context. I couldn’t be more proud of our team!


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